Worried with every day task on the move here are the apps for you

every day task apps for android

These are some apps that help you to actually get work done on the travel, or to organize and plan. Task-specific tools include word processors and document scanners, while organizational aids help you to plan tasks, schedule, and keep notes. Here are android apps to organize your projects and get things done when you’re on the move.


Outlook for Android

Outlook helps us to more streamlined Outlook experience. If all you need is email and calendar, and you sync via an Exchange Server, then this will be ideal for you. But it requires a Microsoft service to sync calendar. Manage your E-mail is very easy nowadays with one tap with Outlook

google calender

Google Calendar

Google Calendar with simple and clean interface sync to native android calendar app helps you to spend less time to manage your schedule. If all you need is a basic calendar and task list, it’s a great choice, but it has far fewer features than Outlook, which may be an issue. Notes aren’t integrated.

One key weakness is the lack of categories for tasks. However, integration with Google Assistant is a really awesome feature. You can also ask assistant to schedule and add events. Events from your Gmail accounts can also be added to your calendar.

Microsoft word

Word For Android

If you need to open and edit Word documents on the move, the Microsoft Word for Android app is the best option. It’s got a simple interface that intuitively gives access to the most important features for creating and editing documents, and you can now even write complex equations in the mobile app.

A common use for Word for Android is to review documents received by email. This is where the app has some issues.

google docs

Google Docs

If you need a basic word editor, Google Docs can do a good job. However, don’t expect it to replace Microsoft Word. Docs aren’t really suitable for producing large complex documents, as it lacks features like captions and cross-references. Also, unlike Word for Android, you can’t edit equations in the Android version.



CamScanner provides a convenient way to quickly scan paper documents, whiteboards, and receipts using your phone, almost completely removing the need to keep paper documents.

For this to work in an ideal manner, the scanning process needs to be quick and easy. Maybe even more importantly, documents need to be filed in a trusted and easily accessible location, meaning you’ll need to pay to sync files to your preferred storage location.

WiFi File Transfer

WiFi File Transfer allows you to access all of the files and folders on your Android device via a web browser. It works best with Google Chrome, allowing entire folders to be transferred.


Listing it

Listing it is simple and flexible, easy to use the app with import/export features. You can create standard lists for your groceries or pack for an overnight trip, for example, then quickly check off what you’ve already finished and moved on to what you still need to do.

You can import and export lists using simple text files, meaning you can easily backup lists or create them using a spreadsheet.


Google Keep

With Google Keep you can do many things apart from simple notes such as adding sketches, photos, and creating lists. Google Keep stores everything in the cloud and can be easily accessed from anywhere on any device.

You can also set reminders, either by time or location, but Google Keep isn’t fully integrated with other Google apps. We can’t able to set Google Assistant to take and save notes in Keep.

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