Some tips to reduce lag while playing games in android phone

Some tips to reduce lag while playing games in android phone 01

Some tips to reduce lag while playing games in android phone

There are numerous reasons why your game may lag and we’re going to take a look at all the factors one by one and mean to decrease lag in your gaming sessions. While we don’t promise to totally expel lag from the all of your games, it will at least aid you with the help you learn insight on why it might occur and how you can reduce lag in the Android game yourself.

What is considered as a Lag?

Many people have experienced lag and they are true to some extent. In any case, the fundamental reason is that if a game is stuttering or being unresponsive, this is considered lag. In any case, in the gaming world lag means you’re not getting vital, necessary information in online games to keep up a smooth connection to the server.

Sure, frame rate drops, optimization, and general hardware slowdowns are additionally the reason why your game may feel slower or not smooth.

Whatever your definition of lag might be, at last, we as a whole need a smoother gaming experience on our Android devices. We should begin with the most ideal approaches to reduce lag in Android games.

Drop the Resolution

You’re playing a graphically impressive game for Android, it is running fairly well, but suddenly you see an abnormal faltering. You cannot pinpoint why it is happening, but you see common roughness on the screen.

This is probably because of the frame rate fluctuating uncontrollably, and casing the resolution to drop off in your device. Most of the latest devices come with 1440p or 4K resolution.

The higher the resolution, the more resources your gadget will require running the most recent games. Dropping the resolution of your device will guarantee that your phone doesn’t need to push as many numbers of pixels and will result in a smoother frame rate.

The best way is to drop the resolution to 720p if your device is really struggling to run the most recent games. This is one of the most effortless approaches to guarantee you’ll get a smooth experience.

Some tips to reduce lag while playing games in android phone

Go Offline

In the event that there is an alternative of playing the game offline, best suggest that you turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data while playing the game. Many background applications are always utilizing the Internet and like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, and Twitter are consuming system resources.

On the off chance that there is a choice to play the game off-line, you have to use that option so that it won’t lag. In the event that you need to go to the extreme end, turn on the airplane mode to further optimize your experience

Use an Anti-Lag App

You can use an anti-lag app before beginning up your game. The best anti-lag applications for Android essentially shut down unnecessary processes, clear up the memory, and significantly more resources for running games. This implies your phone will toss whatever it has towards running the game as well as can be expected.

Game Booster applications are additionally extremely incredible at allocating system resources where they require the most. Look at our best anti-lag apps for Android to download one of the best game boosters and give your gameplay a boost.

Use a Task-Killer App

There are various tasks running in the background and some of them utilize very heavy resources. In case, despite everything you’re still facing lag during gameplay, it may be because of all the applications that are eating up entire resources.

To recognize the issue, you may require task killer app for Android that won’t just assistance you discover the issue yet additionally kill it with ease. This way you’ll keep the resources and enable the game to run smoothly.

Update the Game

Games nowadays are extremely advanced and keeping them optimized and bug-free for an enormous number of various devices is hard work. Commonly, developers release patches that fix the optimization issues and removes bugs that may result in less lag.

Updating the game is the most ideal approach to say you have the most recent version from the developer and you won’t face any optimization issues. Without a doubt, not all games are going to run well on your particular device, so there isn’t much you can do about optimization yet updating the game may at least resolve some issues

Some tips to reduce lag while playing games in android phone easysell

Turn off Power Saving Mode

Power saving modes in most smartphones limits the CPU work and for the most part decrease processing power to give a longer-lasting battery. Be that as it may, this may turn into an obstacle while playing high-end games that require a lot of processing power

Turning off the power saving mode will guarantee your device is running at ideal frequencies and allocating all the resources to its gaming rather than aiming to save battery life. We likewise recommend that you play heavy graphics oriented games when you, in any event, have 60% of the battery left, most smartphones automatically change to power saving mode below 15%.

Upgrade Hardware

In case you’re running the most recent multiplayer shooting game on your old device, quite possibly the device hardware is not going to keep up with it. For instance, I’ve seen PUBG drop outlines on my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge and it’s not by any means that old.

So maybe the time has come to look for an upgrade, particularly in case you’re going to play high-end graphics games regularly. Modern games need a lot of resources and they have very high graphics. A device that is more than three years old will struggle to run games with full graphics

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