How to delete every activity in your phone which is remembered by Google

Google knows a lot about you and it learns every time you ask it for information. Just want to escape from Google activity which remembering everything you do on your phone. Just think when you have deleted your activity from Google Activity. I think, so it has been a long time right. You can automatically delete your location history and other activity at intervals. So that Google can’t keep your information forever.

You have three choices to choose from to remove data automatically at predefined intervals:

  • Removed after 3 months
  • Removed after 18 months
  • Deleted manually at your discretion

If you choose not to automatically delete your information, you can also deselect the automated setting and reset your phone back to the default setting.

The instructions for all these options are written in the article

These instructions apply to Android phones using Android 8.0 or higher.

Let us jump into the article

What’s Google Account History?

On your Android phone, there is a setting called Google Account. It stores all kinds of information about you, including security, location, and personalization details. This setting is also where you will find services or options like payments and subscriptions or contacts.

In the Data & the Personalization section of Account History, you’ll find the controls that monitor the web sites you visit, the apps you use, and the places you go. This is where you will find the options to automatically delete your activities so Google can’t keep them for a long time.


How to Set Up Auto Delete Option for Google Web Activity

Setting up the Auto Delete feature will save all your activity on Google sites and apps, including your location history. To change your settings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Click Google. This might also display as Google Settings.
  3. Click Google Account.
  4. And then Click Data & Personalization.
  5. Click on Web & App Activity.
  6. Then select Manage Activity.
  7. Choose to delete automatically.

If you have already chosen the Auto Delete option, this will show instead as Choose how long to keep.

Select the option you prefer. You can choose from Keep until I delete manually (default option), Keep for 18 months, or Keep for 3 months.

Click Next then Confirm it and finally click got it.

Google already lets you disable tracking of your location and erased your location history or even remove Google Assistant voice recordings.

If you want to delete manually the web activity follow the above steps again. When you have the option to select from the three options (3 months, 18 months or manual), select Keep until I delete manually. Continue the steps to confirm and complete the removal.

If you ask me which option to choose from in my opinion choose to keep for 3 months option as you are so busy with your day to day activates this option does the job for you, but if Google search information is more important to you and if you are personally using history frequently than leave it with I delete manually (default option).

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